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Some people feel guilty eating meat when confronted with the fact that we are eating carcasses of slaughtered animals. Neatly packed and portioned meat in the supermarket where the head, internal organs or legs are concealed make us forget the guilt.

Vegan lifestyle is being seen as "fashionable" and trendy. Maybe it’s a way to make us forget the guilt that we are eating living things. Aren't plants living things too?

The food industry come up with many mock up meat products like veggie-sausages, veggie-nuggets, veggie burgers etc to make us feel less guilty not eating meat, but eating plants instead. If we really want to avoid eating meat, why do we desire to have meat like products? Imagine this: why don’t we see meat disguised as broccoli or carrot? The body may not physically consume meat, but the mind is yearning to. Are we victims of consumerism if we follow the new trend of buying such fake meat products? Most of these vegan products are expensive and it is first world luxury for the affluent.

I’d rather practice thoughtful consumption with critical awareness than following some trendy fashion created by the food industry.