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Kokeshi Japanese dolls from northern Japan are handcrafted from wood. They have an unsophisticated trunk and an enlarged head with slender, painted lines to characterize the face. They do not have hands or legs and look more like a "club" or “wand".

During the Edo period, farmers would often visit hot springs resorts in the mountains to recover from their onerous work after rice planting. They believed the mountain gods would bestow new power upon them for a rich harvest. When they returned home, they would bring kokeshi dolls as a souvenir or "miyage"
 (Japanese: miya = "shrine", ge = "something given by the divine").
They believed Kokeshi "club" or "wand" could ensure them a bountiful harvest.

Currently I am collecting "Kokeshis" on the streets and I see them beckoning for my attention every time I pass them. Let's see if they bestow some luck on us too…